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In the year 2018, mankind is colonizing the oceans and exploiting their
resources, establishing small undersea farming, mining, and
manufacturing communities. But with the newfound potential comes
old-fashioned conflict and the United Earth Oceans Organization (U.E.O.)
assigns the submarine, seaQuest DSV, led by Captain Nathan Bridger to
keep the underwater peace and generally patrol the planet's final
frontier. Amongst the seaQuest, DSV crew is a teenage genius, Lucas
Wolenczak, and Darwin, the intelligent dolphin, who thanks to Lucas's
inventions can understand human speech and whose speech can be
translated in to English.

SeaQuest, DSV stars Roy Scheider and Jonathan Brandis. The seaQuest, DSV
dvd is rated NR. All episodes of seaQuest, DSV are in chronological
order and all seaQuest, DSV episodes are commercial free.

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